CHAIRMAN OF THE CONFERENCE Tsigkris Miltiadis, Head of the Science Laboratory Center of Rethymnon, Crete   COORDINATOR Kalathaki Maria 00306946500408,   ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE Alogdianaki Marianna, Interconnection Office of the Technological Education Institute (TEI) of Crete Archontaki Nektaria, Chemist, Teacher of Vrysses Gymnasium, Chania, Crete Demetriou-Hatjichristou Chrysoula, Inspector of Mathematics, Cyprus Fountoulakis Antonios, Teaching and Laboratory Staff of the Electrical Engineering Department, Technical Education Institute (TEI) Crete Kalathaki Maria, School Advisor for Science Teachers, West Crete prefecture, Director of the Regional Training Center of Heraklion, Regional Administration of Primary & Secondary Education of Crete Kokolaki Zacharania, Kindergarten, Directorate of the … Continue reading Committees